Alex Berenson on the Joe Rogan Experience

I haven’t seen any discussion yet over here on Berenson’s appearance on JRE, so I figured I’d make a thread. I just finished listening, and I thought it was a good episode overall. There wasn’t anything new for anyone who’s been hanging out on this sub, but it’s good to see lockdown skepticism getting some attention on such a large platform.

The discussion on the Joe Rogan sub seems to be split pretty evenly, though that’s usually the case with controversial topics. His audience seems to be comprised of a pretty good mix of people and ideas.

One thing I find interesting is that a lot of the people over there who didn’t like the episode seem to attack Berenson himself more than his arguments. Overall, though, there was some good discussion, and like I said, the really important thing is that the mainstream narrative is finally being challenged on a larger platform.

Did you hear the episode? What are your thoughts?

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