AMA Postponed. With regrets we have to announce that the AMA with Prof. Sunetra Gupta had to be postponed at the last minute. (Since many of the mod team is online, you could do an AMA with us)

As everyone can imagine Prof. Gupta has been really busy. She got called away to an urgent and unavoidable meeting in the last few minutes and we have only just found out.

She has very kindly agreed to reschedule the AMA for next week. We do not have a fixed time yet. But we will update you as soon as we can.

Again apologies. Trust us, we are as disappointed as you are.

Since many of mods are online with time blocked away for the session, we are inviting you to do an AMA with us. Some of us from the mod team are free and willing to answer an AMA. We know this is a less appealing prospect than an AMA with Prof. Gupta, but we thought we’d do something for so many of you who would have kept time aside for this session.

Five of us are here now:






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