Announcing A New ‘Subscribers Only’ Podcast with James Lindsay

Hey y’all. I’m trying something new, just for you. I’m starting this  “OnlySubs” series of much more regular miniature podcasts for  subscribers only, aiming hopefully to make a few a week for you all,  with my gratitude. In this first episode of James Lindsay, OnlySubs, I dive into a topic on many people’s minds right now: Am I Crazy?! (The  answer is “no,” probably.) I want to try to make this series be a kind  of behind-the-scenes, unscripted look into what I’m thinking about and  doing, as often as possible in quick, digestible bites of 5-10 minutes  at a go. This one runs a little longer than I hope at about 15 minutes,  but since it’s the first one, I think that’s okay. Thanks for your  support, and I look forward to bringing you more of this kind of thing  in the new year!

OnlySubs Episode 1: Is James Lindsay Going Insane? is now available exclusively for New Discourses contributors on the following platforms:

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