“anti-lockdowners are today’s abolitionists — people willing to take up an unpopular cause at incredible risk.”

I know this essay was posted before but the title was very vague and it got buried.

I want to post it to highlight a thought provoking question. How do you know that you would have been yesterday’s abolitionists or nazi-fighters? How do you know that you’re standing up for the right thing?

One professor told his students that he will believe that they are made of solid moral stuff if they can show evidence that:

in leading their lives today they have stood up for the rights of unpopular victims of injustice whose very humanity is denied, and where they have done so knowing:

(1) that it would make them unpopular with their peers,

(2) that they would be loathed and ridiculed by powerful, influential individuals and institutions in our society;

(3) that they would be abandoned by many of their friends,

(4) that they would be called nasty names, and

(5) that they would risk being denied valuable professional opportunities as a result of their moral witness.

Well worth a read…


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