Any cost-benefit analysis for UK measures?

Recently on talk radio a UK minister admitted there was no cost-benefit analysis made when deciding on the economically catastrophic UK lockdown policies. Of course this shows incredible incompetence or a deliberately malicious policy by the government.

It strikes me that it would be much harder for officials and the MSM to promote their fear-mongering claims if there was a published analysis of lockdown measures with quantified figures for deaths or illness per million. I know many epidemiologists, doctors and statisticians have spoken out about increased deaths of despair and mental and economic harms and the ineffectiveness of lockdown, but I’m not aware of any attempt to collate all the direct and indirect effects and arrive at a plausible total net result on lives and health (with error bars) for each policy proposal or lockdown tier. Are any epidemiologists or statisticians working on this?

Of course any such analysis will be disputed, but it would force the lockdown proponents to make quantitative arguments in response instead of just fear-mongering.

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