Anyone else catch COVID-19 and still feel skeptical of the lockdown restrictions?

I caught The Virus at work (masked, yet my workplace didn’t really allow for me to distance properly due to the nature of my “essential” and very social work) and I feel more assured now than ever before that the hype surrounding this Pandemic has been blown out of proportion and the restrictions at best are heavy-handed, at worst completely destructive.

There hasn’t seemed to be much discussion on lockdowns from the point-of-view of COVID survivors. Did anyone experience the sickness and have any changes in their attitude towards lockdown? Did they stay the same?

From my perspective, the majority of the suffering I experienced during my isolation was mental. Sure, I got sick. Being sick sucks. I had a fever for a day. I felt terrible for a couple weeks, and still—almost 2 months later—I do feel like I am more prone to fatigue and my sense of smell still isn’t at full power. So, yes, it does have lasting effects…but I have been more affected by feeling completely alienated from my friends/loved ones…by being made to feel like I have become the thing everyone is afraid of. Not to mention that when I feel good and “back to normal” I am on-guard for any slight detriment to my health and carry constant anxiety that I may have long-lasting effects from Covid. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s been put in my head by panicking media outlets. I’ve kept my head more level by sticking to medical journals for my information but even they make me worry that now that I have had it, I am permanently damaged goods. It’s a terrible way to feel.

I’m not an “anti-masker” like some here are. I don’t think it’s a foolproof defense against Covid (obviously…since I caught it despite masking) but I do think it probably is better than nothing and ultimately, it personally doesn’t bother/inconvenience me to wear it.

But the travel bans, travel restrictions, shuttering of schools and small businesses…I see all of this being done in a reckless and arbitrary fashion, with no regard for the actual (unquantifiable) long term effects on society, the economy, and collective mental health.

Why are we all pretending we will never become sick again? Why have I been treated like an outcast for catching a sickness out of my control? At this point I never even want to mention it to others, for fear that they’ll become wary of me, and think differently of me.

If anyone has experienced anything similar, speak up!

Tl;dr: I caught COVID and I still think lockdowns are ridiculous, hbu?

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