As global cases fall, media hysteria rises.

I’m in the UK, I’ve been keeping a close eye on all thing corona since last January.

A curious – but predictable – phenomenon was how the ~25% day on day rise in cases during December was 24/7 rolling news (with a discovery of a new statistical unit of measurement of ‘nearly vertical!’). This ‘wave’ peaked in the first week in January and abruptly began falling at a similar rate to as it rose. ( Cause for hope, you’d think. Not a chance. If anything, the MSM fear factory has gone up a gear. Never ending new variants and questions over vaccine efficacy.

What HAS surprised me, was looking at the global data today. Something I’ve not done since the Summer. Global case rates are, for the first time in this pandemic, going down. Sharply too. 33% TOTAL reduction in daily cases since Jan 10th. (

For this to be happening in the height of the Northern Hemisphere respiratory infection season is worthy of remark, surely? (No, of course not. It would harm the Lockdown!)

Are we seeing vaccine effect? Or has the virus finally had its proper go at a northern hemisphere winter and got around 90% of the vulnerable hosts it was seeking?

Either way, the UK is seemingly standing firm. ‘Too soon’ to think about reducing restrictions. We have always been at war with Eastasia, afterall.

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