California State is Entering Back into Full Lockdown in Almost Every Region, Announces Governor Newsom — and Entire State Now H…

This is from four minutes ago, so while there has been speculation due to Los Angeles, this is breaking news of tremendous consequence to 38 million Americans:

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a new, regional stay-at-home order Thursday as an “emergency brake” to curb the rampant spread of COVID-19 in California.

The state is being broken into five regions: Northern California, Greater Sacramento, Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley and Southern California. When the region’s ICU hospital capacity falls below 15% capacity, the new stay-at-home order is triggered for a period of at least three weeks.

Current projections show all regions except the Bay Area meeting that dire threshold in the next few days. The Bay Area is currently projected to drop below 15% ICU capacity later this month.

When the stay-at-home order is triggered, bars, wineries, personal care services, hair salons and barbershops will need to close.

Schools that have received a waiver can stay open, as can all “critical infrastructure.”

Restaurants can stay open for takeout and delivery, but they have to shut down both indoor and outdoor dining.

All retail stores are allowed to stay open at 20% capacity, unlike the last stay-at-home order in March. Newsom acknowledged the first stay-at-home order at the beginning of the pandemic unfairly advantaged some big box retailers, which were allowed to stay open. In this round of restrictions, Newsom said the state would be doing more to support small businesses.

Additionally, all non-essential travel is now banned statewide, regardless of what zone you live in.

Will that mean the airports will be restricted? It says there can be no non-essential travel. In March, you were not allowed to move houses where I live, and the airports were shut for over two months to all but a few domestic flights and some international repatriation fights. Will that happen again?

The decimation that will follow from this entire order is unthinkable. 38,000,000 people. All from different backgrounds and lifestyles and circumstances. All given no deadline for this to end and no warning that it would begin. There needs to be an intervention and a very serious one at that. This is recklessness of the highest order.

And please do not say “move.” That is so offensive to those who truly cannot just pack up and go. Some people have custody issues, jobs, no money, school, family who they care for, all kinds of reasons why moving is not just an easy proposition. I’m sure everyone who could would move at this point.

This is so sick and heartless. I have no words for what Governor Newsom has done. It is morally bankrupt.

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