Dr. Vinay Prasad Says Allowing People to Die Alone is “A Human Rights Violation” and Puts COVID-19 In Perspective

It’s a an unthreaded series of Tweets from today, but UCSF Doctor Vinay Prasad spares no punches here https://twitter.com/VPrasadMDMPH/status/1335393469871706116 — responding to this article, titled “Haunting picture of iPads used by loved ones to say goodbye to dying Covid-19 patients”: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/haunting-picture-ipads-used-loved-23115935

Dr. Prasad says:

Hard no. Loved ones should be able to decide if they wish to see loved ones in person before they die w/ gown & mask & goggles. Inflexible bans are a human rights violation. Loved ones can then agree to quarantine after for 10 days… (Thread)

Ppe shortage is not an issue. Folks can agree to assume the risk with a cloth gown/ drape and cloth mask. That’s their choice. How they value holding their fathers or mother’s hand vs risk Risk of transmission can be mitigated by a promise to self quarantine for 10 days after

By travel alone to their domicile immediately afterwards. By disposing of the cloth barriers in the room and changing to different barriers before exiting

There is no justification for any policy that does not permit a loved one to hold their loved ones hand as they die. I have no idea why anyone would think this is acceptable.

There are fates worse than death. And loss of humanity is one. A policy that you can only tell your mother goodbye by ipad is a human rights violation. Sars cov 2 is a deep threat but it does not warrant this response.

Every ounce of mental energy should be about mitigating not eliminating risk so this can happen Hard no.

I am concerned that accepting this rule as if it is gospel is part of a broader lack of rigorous thinking that defines the moment

It is a human rights violation. I am sure it is rooted in a lack of rigorous thinking as well. It also seems rooted in a complete lack of ethical considerations, and a lot of cognitive distortions surrounding bioethics, the human body, and what ultimately is acceptable treatment for human beings during end-of-life care as well as ones-human-experience-on-Earth-during-life. I echo his wonderment and also hold accountable every single person in the medical field currently suffering from COVID monomania to the complete exclusion of all other matters pertaining to ones’ finite experience of our short lives, including the ability to die as one wishes and to grieve as one cares to. Who are making these unethical, despicable policies? We need to enjoin them to stop and think, immediately. They will go down in history as anything but heroes.

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