Forbidden opinion: the young and healthy are not selfish for meeting friends, going to work and taking part in day to day life.

Flip the narrative on its head. The young, fit and healthy are not, for the most part, the ones filling hospital beds. I say for the most part because we know that relatively younger, healthier people CAN be hospitalised and die from Covid, this does happen, the law of truly large numbers guarantees this.

If you’re older, more unhealthy and more susceptible to a Covid hospitalisation, YOU should be the selfish one using currently applied logic.

I thought I’d make this point because I’m sick and tired of hearing how wanting to actually live your life means you’re irresponsible and selfish. It’s clear to me this is simply not the case. Irresponsible would be to continue causing potentially unlimited damage to hundreds of millions of people pursuing indefinite blanket lockdown restrictions, which is what governments in the west are doing. The worst part, which has been pointed out here many times before, is an overwhelming majority are delighted by this policy. It’s a beautiful example of public manipulation, by far the best we’ll see for a long time I suspect. This might be the scariest part.

PS I’ve been a lurker in this subreddit for a real long time, thanks to all for being a part of this and sharing your thoughts and opinions, it’s really great to know there’s a likeminded community out there.

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