Governments have dug themselves into a hole they can never get out of

Lately I have been seeing a lot of governments starting coronavirus ad campaigns where they scare people and tell them that the virus is dangerous for everyone, even the young and healthy. I’ve seen Youtube ads of “covid survivors” telling their stories and telling people we need more restrictions. They cherrypick the few extreme cases of young people with no underlying conditions that got severely ill and make it seem like it’s a lot more common than it really is. I’ve seen billboards saying that everyone has to wear a mask in order to increase protection to up to 95%. A few days ago I saw a whole bunch of posters of people who lost relatives to the virus saying it can happen to anyone. My point is, governments have been taken a very clear stance on how dangerous the virus is by presenting an incomplete picture and trying to scare people into following their guidelines and complying with lockdowns.

After doing all that, I don’t see how they could ever reverse it. Governments rarely admit when they were wrong. They wouldn’t just change their stance overnight. What exactly would they do? Tell everyone their ad campaigns and shutdowns were misleading and that it’s ok to go back to normal? Most people would not just accept that. Those who have been successfully scared will complain that the government is abandoning them and just letting them die. Those who haven’t will still be hesitant to go back to normal. In any case, everyone will lose all faith in the government, which could have serious consequences.

So what can be done? Governments have adopted a stance on the virus they can never change, because then no matter what they do, they will always look bad.

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