Homeless people are absolutely being ignored

Just realised how badly off homeless people likely are right now. They can’t shelter in libraries or get food from restaurants. Many corner shops are closed, so that option’s out. There aren’t as many people on the streets day-to-day, so they likely aren’t been given as much money. They can’t access public bathrooms to go to the toilet or wash up (those being closed also bothers me as someone with IBD). And here, since clothes are non-essential, they can’t even get enough money together and buy a warm coat and gloves. Homeless deaths have risen here in Ireland, yet no one, not even my woke, scared shitless friends (all healthy young people), is talking about it. They’re being fucked over even more than your average person. I actually feel rather ashamed now, having not really given much thought to it before. So, yet MORE deaths caused due to lockdowns

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