How is lockdown opposition still not the mainstream view?

The answer is so obvious. These lockdowns should have never have happened. I could give you a list of 100 terrible things that have happened due to governments shutting down the normal functioning of society for a full year.

And people are starting to see that now. In my country (Norway) we had 85% support of heavy restrictions in the beginning of the pandemic, down to a little under 60% now. I think it’s great that public opinion is changing, what I don’t understand is how long it takes. It’s been a year of this madness, shouldn’t it be 85% oppostion of the lockdowns by now?

I think everyone in this sub knows that in 25-50 years the overwhelming mainstream opinion will be that these lockdowns where not worth it at all.

It’s just so annoying that the regular people at this moment can’t see the answer yet. And that we couldn’t change their mind in time to stop all the damage that has happened and will continue to be felt for many years.

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