I am a physician who doubted lockdown since day 1

I am a physician who works in a major US city , with a vulnerable patient population who should be decimated from covid (multiple comorbidities like uncontrolled diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, etc). I worked through the pandemic I haven’t been tested for covid once by the way. At the peak of covid, and even now, I never saw the high volume and devastation that the media says was happening. For this reason, I was a vocal opponent of lockdown, after witnessing the negative economic, health, mental and social effects on the patients I care for, and society at large

I covered emergency airways for covid and did not intubate a single covid patient. I was asked to be backup ICU staff in case it became overwhelming ( it didn’t). A covid ICU was started and staffed, then later disbanded due to lack of patients. Our recovery room area was converted into an overflow area for ER patients, I never saw a single patient there. “Elective” cases were cancelled, delaying essential care to suffering people. Patients avoided coming to the hospital until they got so sick they had no choice but to come in. I have seen my colleagues and coworkers slowly become less serious about PPE. The mask has become a hall pass , not a lifesaving measure.

I will say- that I did see some sick covid patients , who got really sick, but it was very rare, and not fully clear that it was covid or not. Let me be clear- the virus is real but the devastation has been greatly exaggerated

I want to also stress that hospitals are usually near capacity, and it’s very common for the ICU to be full. In that case we have overflow beds or we move patients out who don’t need that level of care. But it is less full than usual.

There is no clear evidence masks work. The lockdown didn’t work. And personally- I would not get the vaccine until extensive testing has been performed. Why would I get a vaccine for a virus with a 99 percent survival rate? And since when do we quarantine healthy people?

I do have colleagues who believe the mainstream covid narrative , but they have witnessed exactly what I have. They are probably the same people who thought Islamic terrorist live in their neighborhoods in the 2010’s

I am keeping my specialty private for the sake of preventing identification. But this community should know that many doctors and healthcare workers doubt lockdown. The most vulnerable people in society were hurt the most with lockdown, they will never recover

I frequently mention my experience on Reddit and am met with extreme denial and aggression, downvotes, yet I am just conveying my honest experience. I just wanted to share my perspective so people know that there are many doctors who doubt quarantine policies and lockdown, and understand that this virus does not warrant shutting our entire way of life down.

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