In a few decades, when historians look back at this – the lockdowns will be remembered first, not COVID.

Once all the numbers are rounded up, once time passes and people experience first hand how their social lives, the economy and their futures are destroyed and once it is made abundantly clear that in hindsight, this virus wasn’t as bad as governments made it seem, history will not remember these lockdowns fondly and when the term ‘covid 19’ or ‘coronavirus’ is spoken, people will first think of the lockdowns other than the virus.

History will remember this as a massive government screw up for the west, history will see this as an experiment off haha happens when individual trust for governments have gone down hill, and to what places ‘in the name of safety’ – can take us.

Sure, once vaccines are out immediate mentalities and narratives will tell us “vaccines saved us”, and most will believe this – but I think years down the line such a belief will not age well and locking down for a virus like this will be remembered for the complete farce that it was.

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