“It’s enough. We have to live!”

Germany is closed, and there is no end in sight! The lockdown will be extended on Monday. Again … Official end this time: January 31st. But nobody really believes that.

No more lockdowns, Tübingen’s Mayor Boris Palmer (48, Greens) demanded: If the government sticks to the goal of the incidence of 50, “this lockdown will take several months”. That is the wrong way, so Palmer on Sunday in the BILD talk “The right questions”. “It’s enough. We have to reopen in a controlled manner at the beginning of February. We also have to live.” And: “In my opinion, however, the damage to the economy, to society, is increasing exponentially. Downtown retailers are already in intensive care and will soon fall into a coma. The bankruptcies will roll in. I mean, we can’t keep it up. “

Palmer on the Corona rules: “Most people continue to follow the rules. But: The tension also rises and people are becoming increasingly annoyed.” SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach (57) sees it differently: The value 50 is still too little, the ambitious goal must be 25 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Lockdown end? Not at the end of January, but not in March either …

FDP’s Volker Wissing (50) was really angry: The numbers on which the decisions were made are not reliable, the authorities are still missing the proper Christmas numbers (due to holidays & less tests). “If you logic is no longer there, it becomes difficult, then people start to turn away.” The corona “leash” of 15 kilometers (a radius you can’t travel out of) is “unreasonable”. Grünen-Palmer senses an “arbitrary” value. Palmer: “This rule just upsets people and destroys acceptance of the measures.”

Lo and behold: Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (64) confirms that! You just have to set a limit somewhere. The number 15 is “arbitrarily chosen, that could also be 14 or 16”. The police would control it – he just didn’t know exactly what it was supposed to look like … And yet Herrmann defended the decisions: “The calls for help came from the hospitals: We are at the edge of collapse!”

Lauterbach also does not consider the corona leash to be the best decision from the package of measures at the prime ministers’ conference, but raises concerns: “Not imposing a measure just because it is difficult to control, that is also a sign of incompetence.” The intention be clear: reduce tourism, keep day trippers at home.

Exciting: Palmer thinks that the number of cases is not the problem at all, much more the slow tracking possibilities of the authorities: “The virus is always gone before we have found it.” Stone Age alarm in our offices, dull phone calls instead of sophisticated technology! Open up, just how? Closing elementary schools and daycare centers for another month or two is “simply unthinkable” for Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Education, Susanne Eisenemann (56, CDU). Eisenmann believes it is “imperative that you do not generally say that you allow everything to continue, but that you think about the number of infections, what can be reopened step by step and how?”


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