Lockdowns are inconsistent, confusing and random / let’s discuss.

I’m just a random dude living in central Europe (Poland) and I want to give you a citizen’s perspective on how lockdowns look in my country and neighborhood countries. I’m also curious to hear your perceptive on what kind of measures are implemented in your country at the moment when it comes to travel, restaurants, gyms, parks etc. Feel free to included them in the comments.

So let me just give you some examples on how severe the lockdons are in Poland are and were:

Travel – you can go anywhere inside of the borders, for traveling to UE countries you need to have to be Covid negative to enter. There are random controls on the boarders. Some movement was restricted during holidays.

Gyms, totally closed since the pandemic started, there were certain loopholes that allowed for thme to open, the ones who did open, are routinely inspected by the sanitary-epidemiological station, police and yes the military (https://businessinsider.com.pl/wiadomosci/lockdown-kontrole-przestrzegania-obostrzen-na-silowniach-policja-i-wojsko-sprawdza/f7dlybf)

Restaurants, totally closed for indoor / outdoor dining, only takeouts are allowed. Big corporations such as MacDonald’s or KFC are making big bank selling with drive-thures, this is totally legal. Also military used on people who refuse to close.

Forests (yes forests) – used to be off limits to the public in March, currently open.

It’s really strange that neighboring such as Sweden or Belarus didn’t implement lockdowns. Swedes were just given health recommendations (were masks, say at home etc.). In Belarus – Lukashenko totally ignored lockdowns, even go as far as to say Covid in a scam (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFlQ_6OYquM). Germany – gyms are open, to go training you just need to take a a test and be negative 24h before you enter the gym. Czech republic, seems that recently the lockwon is really seviere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13Lh2PRnH0g. Czech government is using the military on it’s people like the Polish.

But what are the rules of the game? How hard a lockdown should be? Is it the death per-milion or what? What makes a certain country decide on how severe the measures should be? One of our parliament members asked this question out in the open – no response.

If we just look on this 5 countries: Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Belarus and Poland we can see that the total deaths per citizens looks like this (confirmed death absolute / total population of country):

0,27% Czech Republic

0,17% Poland

0,14% Sweden

0,10% Germany

0,03% Belarus

Stats from: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1104709/coronavirus-deaths-worldwide-per-million-inhabitants/

Sweden is similar to Poland , so with Swedish liberal lockdown policy and Polands harsh policy can we conclude that lockdowns don’t make sense at all? Belarus in on another level, with no-lockdwons the death count is tiny, then again travel to Belarus was always restricted. Germany has milder lockdowns than Poland and Czech republic and they are doing better. Czech Republic has a problem – death count seems high, but is sending out military to babysit people is the best way?

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