Losing Respect For People In My Life

This is the best group I can think of to post in, since you guys share similar views as I do regarding the whole COVID situation. As the title says, I’m losing a great deal of respect for people in my life that are either scared of COVID itself or support the restrictions put in place in our society. A couple examples:

A woman/family friend I work for was complaining that she was at a restaurant recently and the bartender and several servers weren’t wearing masks and it was pissing her off. Yet she still ate there. She also said she was going to call the health department on the salon she was so excited to “finally” go get her done at a few months ago, because it was “crowded”…you better believe she still got her hair done. This is a woman I previously loved talking to and respected, but I feel like I lost almost all that respect over the past few months. I’ve shared my views a little, but I realized we are on 2 completely different sides. I don’t even want to make small talk anymore. About anything.

I left a close group of online mom friends yesterday. I’ve been actively chatting with these women almost on a daily basis for about 2 years. I just can’t stand the complaining about people not “following the rules to keep people safe” and I can just feel the fear with them. I don’t want to be in a group like that. Someone said their husband tested positive for COVID a few months ago and the responses from others were along the lines of “omg! Hope y’all are all OK! Praying for you!!!” and I’m like “I’m sure you all will be fine…”

It’s making me sad, honestly. I don’t even view these people the same way. They are seemingly good people, but I feel their views on the COVID response are incredibly narrow-minded and selfish and they are just perpetuating a fear more deadly than COVID.

Has anyone else cut back their social circles significantly over similar reasons?

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