OnlySubs: A Spanish Vaccine for Woke Bullying

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I was recently asked why you don’t see the Woke going after the Spanish colonizers of history, who arguably had the most brutal colonial project of all European colonialism. This is something that isn’t totally absent in the Woke literature, of course, but it is conspicuously less prevalent in their “scholarship” and activism than going after British colonialism and the United States. There are a variety of answers to why this might be the case, not least that the point of the whole project is to undermine American global hegemony, which also requires poisoning British influence, and also that much of the Theory arose in the American and British contexts, but there’s something else too that I’ve had occasion to discuss several times but never really connected to the bigger picture. The Spanish are proud, perhaps to a fault.
I once witnessed a Spanish leftist going on about Native Americans, slavery, and all the rest, criticizing the United States (while in the US, of course) in the presence of someone who was at least halfway Woke. What happened next was astonishing at the time and is properly interesting now that I know more. She had none of it and, in a completely ahistorical and chauvinistic rant, informed the Wokie of the full pride and glory of Spain’s history and how its colonization projects brought culture and improvement everywhere they went. This went on at some length and was quite heated, and the Wokie had nothing much to say, despite small attempts to argue back.
That’s interesting, and after having read Shelby Steele’s White Guilt, it makes a lot of sense: he couldn’t use his Woke critique to diminish the Spaniard’s pride in herself or her country, that is, her moral authority remained untouched. To understand Steele, though, is to realize that bullying over someone’s moral authority is how the entire (Woke) Critical Theory manipulation works. Thus, while I’m not sure what to do with it, as I wouldn’t recommend chauvinism of anyone, the ingredients for a Woke vaccine exist somewhere in here. Just being utterly unwilling to be diminished in one’s moral authority by Woke manipulation stops it in its tracks. Join me in this short subscribers’-only podcast to hear the story and to start thinking more about it.

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