OnlySubs: Be a Rebel: Enjoy Life

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Probably the most poisonous thing about the Woke ideology, if any one thing could be picked, is the way that it leads people to believe that we’re being selfish and irresponsible if we enjoy life. That it does on top of leading people to believe that life is far worse than it actually is and that our enjoyment of life only reflects a problematic unwillingness to grapple with just how bad we really have it. This is pure toxicity, and it’s done on purpose. Well, be a rebel! Reject that! Enjoy things! Enjoy them unapologetically, just for what they are, just because you can and you’re alive to do it! This is the message of this episode of James Lindsay OnlySubs, my subscribers-only podcast, and I think it’s an important one. Join me to hear how the Woke and their intellectual predecessors literally have the goal of making people miserable with what is actually a pretty amazing life and the value, if we want to break away from Wokeness, of rebelling against the whole program by the simple, plain act of enjoying what we have in life as it is.

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