OnlySubs: Blue-checked Psychopathy

OnlySubs Episode 13: Blue-checked Psychopathy is now available exclusively for New Discourses contributors on the following platforms:
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Not long ago, I released a subscribers-only podcast (a “James Lindsay, OnlySubs”) about “Psychopathy and Social Media,” and in it, I discussed the problem of how social media enables psychopathy and thus the mainstreaming of psychopathic ideologies like Wokeness. I offered that as a partial answer to the question of “why now?” to the arising of the Woke movement. Well, Nature (by which I mean Twitter) has provided me with a great example of what I’m talking about, and in this episode of James Lindsay OnlySubs, I present it as a means to show how Twitter verification can lead to people completely misunderstanding what they’re dealing with, possibly with disastrous consequences. Join me as I talk specifically about the verification of unlicensed medical doctors taking to Twitter with their blue checks and how their verification as such is dangerously misleading.

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