OnlySubs: Burning Through Trust

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Something I don’t think a lot of us think about often enough, yet something that is good old-fashioned (Southern) wisdom, is that trust is hard to win and easy to lose. Certainly the Woke either don’t realize this or don’t care about it, which is evidenced by just how quickly they’re burning through people’s trust and respect for institutions that they’ve taken over and effectively turned into partisan activist outposts. In times like these, then, I think it’s very important for people to reflect on what used to be good, plain sense. Your trustworthiness and the moral authority you carry with you are extremely hard-won, precious, and easily lost. In this episode of James Lindsay OnlySubs, my subscribers-only podcast, I explore this idea and try to encourage everyone to think through just how easily virtually all of your goodwill can be lost if you treat it irresponsibly.

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