OnlySubs: Equal Access to a Pile of Rubble

OnlySubs Episode 36: Equal Access to a Pile of Rubble is now available exclusively for New Discourses contributors on the following platforms:
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As we wrote in Cynical Theories, the idea of equity (adjusting shares so that citizens are made equal, i.e., equality of outcomes) tends to have its most stable solution point at “equal access to a pile of rubble,” which we then describe as “not a worthy goal.” This is because the easiest type of equity to achieve is everybody gets (close to) nothing, and it is also because the Critical Theory-based ideology pushing for equity doesn’t know how to build anything anyway. In this episode of my subscribers-only podcast, James Lindsay OnlySubs, I walk you through the idea of how the Woke ideology tries to frame creating equalizing outcomes as though it’s about equalizing access. Join me for a discussion that can deepen your perspective on this dangerous idea.

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