OnlySubs: How Wokeness Narrows Empathy

OnlySubs Episode 32: How Wokeness Narrows Empathy is now available exclusively for New Discourses contributors on the following platforms:
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One of the most frightening and concerning aspects of Wokeness and ideologies like it is its capacity to narrow the range of empathy someone feels. Being human, we should care about one another and recognize the humanity each of us shares with another. When this is lost, dehumanization and tragedy are the inevitable results. The ideology of Wokeness, then, has to be taken very seriously because it proceeds from a point of view that does exactly this. It dictates to us what we can care about and what is unacceptable to care about. It tells us whose stories have been told and whose need telling in their place. It narrows our range of empathy and scapegoats entire populations of people for whom it encourages and breeds resentment. In this episode of James Lindsay OnlySubs, my subscribers-only podcast, I discuss this important and troubling aspect of the Woke ideology. I hope you’ll join me and see why I find it so concerning.

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