OnlySubs: Making 2021 a Happy New Year

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Happy New Year, everybody! Welcome to 2021! My take on the new year is that 2021 could be better than 2020 (thank goodness!) but only if we’re willing to recognize the fundamental reasons 2020 was pretty awful. You might think it’s the pandemic and the riots, which would be partly true, but those were what they were for reasons. The riots and everything Critical Social Justice broke out because we allowed 2020 to be the most racist year in decades. I think we should let the end of 2020 mark the end of that. The pandemic would have been bad in many ways no matter, what, but it was made so much worse because it was a year in which we let people tell us what to do. If we want 2021 to be better, we need to focus on freedom and, within reason, doing a lot less of what we’re told to do. That’s my New Year’s resolution, and I hope it will be yours too.

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