OnlySubs: The Capitol and the Origins of Freedom

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Something you have to understand is that the radical left is broadly religious, and not in some cheap way, and its religion is ultimately rooted in the ideas of the German idealist “philosopher” Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. In this episode of my subscribers-only podcast, James Lindsay OnlySubs, I go long…. heh…. to make that more clear.

Actually, I talk about something I think is worth saying about what happened at the Capitol Building on January 6th at greater length than normal for an OnlySubs episode, running just over the half-hour mark. I hope you’ll forgive me, especially since I don’t give my interpretation of what happened except to say that it was tactically a mistake and a very boneheaded thing to have happened and also that there’s no moral equivalence between what happened there (which is lesser) and what was excused all summer (which is greater) so far as wrongs go. Instead, I use this event and the question of moral equivalence to explain something important: the radical left and MAGA right have something generally in common, a fear and opposition to fascism, though they understand the ideas completely differently. More importantly, the two have fundamentally different understandings of what freedom is and where it comes from. Join me in this longer-running episode of OnlySubs to learn why “the left” sees freedom as that which is provided by the State, when it is perfected by their activism, and “the right” sees freedom as preceding the state, thus why these two views are incommensurate even though they fight a common enemy.

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