OnlySubs: The Four Parts of Free Speech

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Free speech is a bedrock principle of free societies. This argument is elegantly laid out in my friend Andrew Doyle’s wonderful (and short!) new book Free Speech: And Why It Matters, which I highly recommend. I had the good fortune not only to read this book recently but also to discover that Andrew kindly points out an argument I once made with Helen Pluckrose about freedom of speech and “the fallacy of demanding to be heard.” In this episode of my subscribers-only podcast, James Lindsay OnlySubs, I touch on Andrew’s book and then dive into a discussion of the four aspects of freedom of speech that are crucial to a robust understanding of the concept (and also how Wokeness rejects all of them). These are the freedom to speak, the freedom to hear, the freedom not to speak, and the freedom not to hear. Join me for the discussion!

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