OnlySubs: The Woke Don’t Understand Society

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We often hear from conservative thinkers that the fundamental unit of society is the family, and there’s something to this, of course. This belief shapes their thinking about society in profound ways that are worth engaging with. What we don’t often do is consider the question of what the fundamental unit of society might be for other people who don’t talk about the topic in such stark terms. I, of course, have my own guess (which I give in this episode), but what about academics? What about the Woke? What about Woke academics? In this episode of James Lindsay OnlySubs, my subscribers-only podcast, I make the case that (left-leaning) academics are likely to be biased toward believing the institution is the fundamental unit of society, and this is why so many of their ideas are so disconnected from reality and, ultimately, statist in orientation. This might go some way toward explaining why so many of the worst totalitarian ideas in history have come from professors. Trying to model the society as a giant institution under bureaucratic control is a complete nightmare. Join me here to explore the idea.

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