OnlySubs: Understand Simple Things Deeply

OnlySubs Episode 34: Understand Simple Things Deeply is now available exclusively for New Discourses contributors on the following platforms:
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A key to developing a considered life is to take time to really think your way through things. This involves developing a habit of mind for thinking deeply and sometimes contemplatively about life and your experiences in it. In this quick episode of James Lindsay OnlySubs, my subscribers-only podcast, I offer you the advice of learning to think about simple things deeply. I really hope that beyond just offering information and advice for you here in my New Discourses journey, I can provide you with something that adds enrichment to your life. Stretching your mind by developing a habit of understanding simple things deeply (without adding unnecessary complexity) is one thing I’ve found that has greatly enriched my life. I hope you’ll join me in this habit and that it will enrich yours too!

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