OnlySubs: What We Can Learn from Basecamp

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I get asked all the time how to deal with the problem of Wokeness in a company, and Basecamp has, surprisingly, given us a rather clear answer. In this episode of my subscribers-only podcast, James Lindsay OnlySubs, I dive into the story around how Basecamp changed one simple policy and effectively ridded itself of the Woke menace. Turns out, it can be really easy: just don’t let them do their political activism at work. There’s more to the story here than just the practical aspect, because there’s vindication in a key lesson about the Woke that I’ve been trying to drive home for over a year (that they feel like they must do their activism all the time everywhere), and there’s a deeper lesson in terms of what you have to do to avoid the last (and, frankly, weakest) of the Woke manipulations. Join me to get a really clear view of how you can beat the Woke in your company, church, institution, or organization in just a handful of very simple steps that all start with telling them that their activism isn’t welcome in the workplace and then letting them go if they don’t like it.

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