OnlySubs: Woke Psychopathologies in Psychotherapy

OnlySubs Episode 8: Woke Psychopathologies in Psychotherapy is now available exclusively for New Discourses contributors on the following platforms:
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Y’all, I got mad. It’s not that often that something Woke makes me angry, but I saw an example that just really got me going. Of course, I had to share that with you! A friend sent me an example of a post on a Woke therapist’s professional Instagram page, claiming the events at the Capitol were “traumatic, especially for BIPOC, Jewish, and LGBTQ” people and telling them they’re “not overreacting.” Then, beneath that, there’s one of the rather standard Woke self-centered virtue-signaling screeds. I got hot. This is the opposite of therapy; the opposite of helping people get well. I likened it to “Munchausen’s by proxy” on Twitter almost at once and then realized that’s not enough. People need to hear and know just how poisoned this ideology is. Join me in this subscribers’ only podcast to hear my take!

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