Serious question – Where the hell did the whole “vaccines don’t stop transmission” even come from?

I remember when vaccinations started rolling out in December 2020, doomers immediately started talking about how restrictions need to continue because “getting vaccinated only protects yourself and you still are able to transmit COVID to others”. I literally couldn’t find a single study that actually confirms you can spread it after getting vaccinated. This claim just really baffled me because it has zero basis on scientific facts (and doomers LOVE to jerk themselves off about being science followers), yet so many people love to talk about this.

I remember reading a random thread in /r/relationship_advice where some dude was pissed that his GF was seeing her friends after she got vaccinated and there were dozens of people in the comments saying that she’s selfish because she can still transmit COVID after vaccination and that he should break up with her. Like wtf?

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