Situation in Switzerland

I’m a Uni student in switzerland and our government introduced new measures since we’re a hotspot regarding cases in Europe at the moment.

Compared to other countries like France or Germany we don’t really have a lockdown here, there’s strong mask regulations and clubs have been closed but the government doesn’t want to repeat the lockdown we had in March, April and May. Many citizens (especially young students in high school) are demanding stricter measures and a complete lockdown with remote learning and I just can’t help but be shocked by the ignorance they’re displaying.

They have no idea how hard a lockdown like that would hit our economy and restrict our freedom again and also how damaging it is to our education system. I get that getting up every day and going to school when you’re 17, 18 is sometimes the last thing you wanna do but is it really worth it to fall that far behind? Many states this year didn’t even have their final exams because of the virus.

Also Switzerland’s power as a country comes from money. We have great social systems, healthcare and education. Do these people really think that everything is gonna stay so great if we just stay home forever and keep milking the government. I think the government knows why they didn’t implement another lockdown.

They’re claiming it’s so dangerous that they have to attend school but I think it’s way more dangerous to just keep having these lockdowns.

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