The Lockdown Has Stolen My 20s

I feel so guilty and i wish i didn’t feel this way. I had my 23rd birthday during the lockdown and after May i will turn 24. People say the 20s are supposed to be the best years of your life. The things most people 20s do i will never experience with the continued lockdown restrictions .I feel like the best years of my life are being wasted being in lockdown. I will turn 24 next year and i will still be single and a virgin, living at home and not having my life together. I am getting older the pressure to find a boyfriend and losing my virginity is growing. At this stage i will settle for any man. The pressure to have the perfect life is growing. At 24 you are meant to have it together.

Hitting 24 i will reach my mid20s. I will no longer be young. Society stops paying attention to people above 24.

The longer the restrictions go on the more i worry about all the things i will miss out on job opportunities, travel opportunities etc.

Does anyone feel the lockdown has stolen or wasted thier life?

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