The lockdowns were never worth it, and never will be

The private sector has been decimated, tens of millions of people have been put out of work, and our elected officials abandoned us yet again.

How many more national emergencies will it take for people to realize that our government doesn’t care about anyone?

For what it’s worth, I have absolutely no issues with worrying a mask. I’m fully vaccinated.

But, like everyone else, I’m ready for life to get back to normal. It’s not the government’s job to dictate what private businesses can and can’t do. No one is forcing anyone to go out to eat or to go to out in public.

So, while I am all for taking covid seriously as far as wearing a mask goes, the lockdowns were never worth it, and they were simply used as a power grab by the very men and women who we vote for. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that is a fact.

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