The Woke Goal: Everything Serves Theory

The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 30

What is the end-game of the Woke ideology? It’s a hard question to answer, mostly because it’s hard to tell where it will stop, but a proximate answer to that question is easy and needs to be understood. The immediate goal of the Woke agenda is to turn everything into a Woke organ. That’s it. This is more alarming than it may sound, however. You may be Catholic or Protestant, a scientist or a doctor, a rockclimber or a musician, but if the Woke agenda proceeds far enough, you will in time find yourself being a Woke person professing Wokeness in Catholic or Protestant language, or through science and medicine, or in rockclimbing and music. That is, the Woke agenda is to flatten all the variety out of life and make every aspect of life do one thing and one thing only: serve Theory. This means that Wokeness is a totalizing ideology and will lead to totalitarian outcomes unless we reject it and put a stop to its relentless takeover of our society and every aspect of our lives. Join James Lindsay on this latest episode of the New Discourses Podcast to dive more deeply into this alarming truth about Wokeness.

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