U.S. News outlet ‘USA Today’ print Covid article of doom

Today we had the unfortunate experience of reading an article by Michael J. Stearn, published today on the popular U.S. news website USA Today.

Granted, the auhor is far from being a medical afficianado, but his article ‘takes the biscuit’ for leading the way on how to instill the Fear of God in us mortals. The followimg is a short summary of the article, for your amusement.


As coronavirus burns an exponential path of destruction across the American terrain, an insidious blanket of shadow damage is quietly unfurling in its name. It’s not just the death and scarred lungs. COVID-19 has turned every man, woman and child into a potential serial killer.

COVID-19 danger is everywhere.

It has been less than a year since this plague turned our lives upside down, but the nascent mutation COVID-19 has forced upon how we love has already begun.
Last week, a friend came by to pick up a piece of cake. As I handed off my culinary effort from the doorway, she told me of her plans to host Thanksgiving dinner for her kids and their families. Despite the mask that covered most of her face, in her eyes I saw that one of America’s most joyous holidays brought only anxiety. As we talked, she confessed that she was terrified that one evening with her children could leave her in need of a hospital bed that is not available, as a COVID-19 surge has packed intensive care units across this country.

AIDS taught people love can be fatal.

The heartbreak wrought from a pandemic like COVID-19 is new for most Americans. But it has left gay men of a certain age experiencing déjà vu.

COVID and those with disabilities: Pandemic’s impact on the developmentally disabled is preventable

As years turned to decades, and tens of millions of people died from AIDS-related causes worldwide, gay men rewired their souls to survive the emotional wreckage that comes with the knowledge that the most basic component of daily life can be fatal — that love can be lethal.


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