“We just need to lock down hard and right for two weeks, and the virus will be eliminated.” Let’s talk about why this not only isn’t feasible, but isn’t true.

This is the new concept being parroted everywhere. In theory, in a vacuum, if literally every single person locked themselves in their home for two weeks, the virus might be severely reduced. We can refer to latent viral infections as evidence to why total eradication isn’t possible for a virus that’s already rampant in society, but the biggest issue is that such a thing isn’t remotely feasible and here’s why:

  1. Every single person in the entire world would need to do it at once, otherwise the second you open up the virus will come back from another country or area. Island countries like Taiwan and New Zealand can hide from the virus with closed borders all they want, but they’re just hiding, because the virus still exists.

  2. Everyone would need to have food and medical supplies they need in their home to last two weeks. Many people need weekly or monthly medical treatments (like dialysis) to live. The logistics of making sure every single person has this are ludicrous.

  3. Absolutely zero medical emergencies or other types of problems would occur. Nothing that requires cops, hospitals, pharmacies, or grocery stores would be able to take place if the idea is that any contact, even masked, just spreads the virus more.

  4. Everyone would need to have money paid back to them that they lost during such a shut down, otherwise a large percentage of society would default on bills, leading to an economic collapse the likes of which we have never seen.

  5. You have to eliminate humanity as a variable. Every single person in the world needs to strictly follow such a lockdown with no cheating or undermining. Again, a medical emergency or food shortage would either have to be ignored or dealt with, undermining the lockdown.

  6. No mechanical emergencies can occur. No heater failure, no water failure, nothing. Because people who repair these services need to also be locked down. If you lose heat or water, you would have to be SOL.

  7. We have to assume that supply chains of food/medicine/etc would somehow magically just be able to be shut down then restarted with no delay or loss.

  8. If a bare bones ER is kept open, the services the employees need would also need to be kept open, like transport and gas. Their contact with patients would also undermine the entire basis of the lockdown.

Comment with more reasons I haven’t listed why such a claim is naive and ridiculous. Or comment with refuting evidence, this sub is about discussion.

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