We’ve moved away from actual science and instead we just follow the aesthetics of science

Actual science and by that I mean observations, experiments, and testing with a rigorous and replicable method is something no reasonable person will actually oppose but unfortunately we live in a society where people are in love with the aesthetics of science rather than actual science and so they’ll love things like random scientific facts, baseless theories, and opinions of scientists and they’ll worship these as if they’re established scientific facts. For example, saying the earth orbits the sun is something which is demonstrably true and it can be proven, saying we’re living in a simulation is not proven by any means, there’s not a shred of evidence, and there’s as much evidence for that as aliens built the pyramids and yet in Internet discourse, people will quite scientists saying we live in a simulation as if it’s evidence. In the same sort of way, people will quote a random scientist whish no one had heard of before making a particular statement as if it’s an established fact, well it isn’t. During the initial outbreak, “scientists” said all sorts of things like corona virus will kill you whether you’re young or old, millions will die in the USA, you can get reinfected, and so on and yet these were all disproven with new evidence. This is why it’s important to look at actual data, statistics, and established science facts instead of listening to what one scientist says.

I’ve seen this way too much on /r/coronavirus where there will be a statement by one scientist and redditors then discuss how policy should be centred around the statement made. This is utterly ridiculous and it’s no different from the criticism redditors make against religion about how religious people are just listening to x person instead of doing their own research. The same thing applies here. The actual data does not support lockdown and yet that’s ignored because some scientists said lockdown works.

It’s also quite convenient that other scientists with opposing views are ignored. It’s almost as if listen to scientists is a way of justifying your own opinion by finding people who agree with you. Blind following in anything is ridiculous and scientists can get things wrong and they do. Fauci backtracked on many occasions.

Worshipping scientists is a cultish behave and it’s a secular holier than thou “We actually listen to scientists and experts unlike you”. It’s utterly stupid.

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