What are some advantages of this situation?

When reading many articles posted on this sub, my reaction has been something like “yes, I’ve been saying this since March” or “this was obvious from the beginning! what were they expecting?” Looking at the comments, I’m not the only one.

So it seems we’re in a position of having a better, more calm and rational understanding of the events unfolding and their long term effects. However I’m not really an influencer (not in real life nor social media) and I wouldn’t be able to change anyone’s mind. And why should I even try? It can even put your personal relationships at risk to express some of these facts.

So instead I started wondering, this is a unique position to be in. In a gold rush the calm, rational person starts selling shovels. What would be the equivalent in these times (other than selling masks and toilet paper… which are probably already taken care of)? What would be a good way to take advantage of this situation, also financially but not only – personal development, life changes to place yourself in a good position for the future, anything we could do.

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