What is with coronavirus statistics being given in nonsensical units like a 9/11s worth of deaths a day?

Recently had my annual physical. While there the doctor and I talked about coronavirus a little bit and how things are ramping up. He brought up daily daily deaths as equivalent to 4 747s worth of people now “spiking” to five 747s or nearly a 9/11. Didn’t really say anything back besides just nod but behind my mask I was nearly laughing. After that I had to drive roughly 8,000 soda can lengths to get back home..

In what world is reframing the daily death statistics in terms of those weird units convincing somebody who is previously not concerned or on the fence about it suddenly going to be scared into thinking that’s a lot. If anything for me I think “that’s all”?

Anyone else seen this? Maybe it works on people who are less educated on it. But it doesn’t really work on me because I’ve thought a good amount on what 3,000 deaths a day is in the scale of a nation of 300 million plus. And of course same period we have two to three times the number of deaths from heart disease (which is largely preventable with good diet and exercise)..

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