What lies in store for Spain?

Hey everyone,

With what looks to be a second national lockdown, on top of the damage caused by the first and the state the Spanish economy was already in, are there any economists in the room that would have a guess what is in store for Spain in the near future?

The Gov. looks set to do very little to help business make it through this extremely tough period and many have already had to close.

Are we looking at a Greece-style default situation and economic chaos very soon? EU funds may or may not come through any time soon, and I have just seen that a large proportion of them have been allocated to the Gov.’s Equality Ministry.

As a non-economist, I am really concerned (living here) the state might got completely bankrupt. Is that even possible? What does happen if a state literally “runs out of money”? Sorry for the stupid questions, but any informed views or insights would be very welcome.


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