Why is Reddit Overwhelmingly Pro-Lockdown?

Every time you pose a question asking for the effectiveness of a lockdown, you get downvoted.

As someone who already got COVID very recently, I carry antibodies that will last at least a few months. Still, I get called reckless for doing basically anything that isn’t getting groceries despite:

  1. I can’t be reinfected with COVID in such a short time


  1. There’s not really any chance to infect anyone else

If people are this afraid, they should lock themselves in at home and just order groceries and live out the rest of their days like that. But I need to work. I need to get back to a sense of normalcy, and the odds of COVID reappearing for me right mow are astronomically low and even lower is the chance I’m going to infect anyone.

We’ve been in lockdown for almost a year and people still get sick. It’s going to happen no matter what, that’s how a plague works. A vaccine chief even said it’ll be with us for at least another ten years.. Are those who are pro-lockdown still gonna be pro-lockdown in ten years time? Definitely not.

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