Would “lockdowns” be tolerated if they included workers?

This seems like a productive contradiction to press the Branch Covidians on. Many of them claim to support the “working class.” But this is really just an abstraction to them. The “right thing” to think. They consider it dangerous to return to normal, but they *need* workers to be exposed to this danger so that lockdowns remain something they can tolerate. They want to eat their cake and save it too.

As many have pointed out on here, what determines whether you can stay home during a lockdown is not your age or medical condition, but your financial status.

But what if the lockdown was actually a lockdown? What if it included “essential workers” like food service, truck drivers, trash men, etc?

Let’s take one example. Food preparation and delivery. College students still get their Chipotle. The upper-middle class still gets their Whole Foods. Would they change their minds on lockdowns if food was delivered by soldiers in hazmat suits, and everyone received the same basic staples?

Just something I’ve been thinking about. It’s really hard to argue with these people, and this might be a soft spot.

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